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Technical drawing of the GM22 and GM26 THE ALL NEW GM26
Inshore Fishing vessel, Workboat & Pleasure boat!
The GM26 is a sturdy inshore fishing vessel and workboat, suitable for single-handed working and all year round use.

With Gary Mitchell’s iconic style of design, the craft has the maximum possible deck space for the overall length, since its beam extends as far aft as possible, providing the perfect working platform for carrying and safe shooting of all types of gill nets, pots and fish traps.

Length Overall
Moulded 26’ 00” – 7.95m
9’10” 3.00m
3’1”- 0.95m or 3’7” – 1.2m
6.5 - 7.5 Tonne (approximate)
Power Required
from 75hp 55kw
GRP hand layup in mould
Below the waterline, the hull-form presents a very beamy boat with a flatter section aft, but by having a broad V-shaped vertical keel section, there is sufficient volume inside the forward section to take the engine completely below deck, giving this boat a very large working deck and the option of a moulded shallow or deep keel.

This combination produces a stable and seaworthy hull of exceptional quality.

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LATEST CYGNUS® GM26 NEWS Designed by the iconic marine architect, Gary Mitchell, a specialist in inshore boats, the new GM26 is the longer version of a new range of inshore fishing boats...
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