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Who Are We?

Cygnus Marine Boats is a combination of A.G.E Electrical Services Ltd, who have been involved with marine electrical systems, boat restoration, repairs, maintenance for the past 35 years with the chairman and owner Mr Dave Simpson now the proud owner of the last fully completed pleasure boat made by Cygnus Marine Ltd, Falmouth. The Cygnus® Cyfish 39 Patrol twin screw Motor Cruiser was completed towards the end of 2007, after sea trail and handover she was transported by road to G.Brown and Son, Southwold, Suffolk. for winter storage from which she will be launched towards the end of April 2008.

G Brown & Sons, who have over 100 years experience of boat building and established a reputation for exceptional quality, service and traditional values which are respected throughout the industry.

Both companies have skill sets, knowledge and experience which compliment each other, and the formation of Cygnus Marine Boats has been welcomed within the profession as a major step forward for the progression of the industry and ultimately the buying public.

What Do We Do?

During the past 18 months we are proud to have received commissions for the Within our group we have restoration of an 1897 half size Spritsial Sailing Barge, maintaining numerous GRP and fishing boats, repairs to lightships in readiness for the transportation from Lowestoft to the North Sea, a partial refitting of an Aquabell 33.

Finally we are also able to offer steaming facilities for bending, Safe winter storage for boats, and much more... Please call us and we would be delighted to assist with your enquiry.

We are very pleased to announce Mr Henry Millington ex Design and Production Manager of Cygnus Marine Ltd, Falmouth. has joined Cygnus Marine Boats as a director. Henry has extensive experience within the Yacht and small craft industry, having graduated with a diploma in Yacht and Small Craft Design from Southampton Institute and with eighteen years in the marine manufacture and repair industry.

Henry has worked as a Development Co-ordinator of the production of glass reinforced plastic yachts and motors yachts up to 20m, and has been the Design and Production Manager for Cygnus Marine Ltd, Falmouth, Cornwall renowned for its high quality. Within these roles Henry has designed G.R.P boats using Autocad producing production drawings, component drawings, installation, systems drawings and complied owners manuals for Fishing boats, open workboats, yachts and motor yachts, which have been produced to comply with either the Recreational Craft Directive, M.C.A or Seafish regulations.

Through Henry’s experience within the marine industry he has an in depth knowledge of marine system and components and therefore able to inspect and test all systems. He has also conducted sea trials as part of a team assessing performance, stability and construction.

Working within a small boat builders Henry has a wide knowledge of all aspects of G.R.P construction from plug making, mould tooling and repair work of damaged vessels, through to the completion of fully finish new boats.

It can be seen that Henry has the inside knowledge that only can be gained through experience.