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CYGNUS GM16 (SOLD) view attached testimonial
ID: 22


Year Built:

4.72m (length)

1.83m (beam)

0.38m (draft)

£(Price On Application)


Beta 16




Additional Info:

Example of cygnus 16ft boat Recently completed and delivered to a customer in Southampton
Having wanted to get into the fishing industry for quite some time, I decided to buy a new boat. Looking through what was available, planning hulls, semi displacement hulls we decided to look at the Cygnus 16. It was difficult to make the final decision as there were no boats of this type in Hampshire where we live. I arranged to meet David at the Cygnus production facility, I was impressed with what I saw at their yard, so decided I would get the GM16.
Having project managed many boats in the super yacht industry it was a pleasant experience building the boat. Gary and Paul who built the boat did a great job, she has lovely wooden gunnels, great finishes with the inboard engine. They put me in touch with a local stainless steel company who did a great job making the fittings in brushed stainless.
The boat was delivered to Southampton and this is when you find out what sort of company built your boat. Gary stayed with me to get the boat afloat and working. We had a slight ballast issue, every body at Cygnus pulled together and sorted this out very quickly and professionally at no expense to me, which justifies my decision to buy my boat from a great team of people. Now I look forward to fishing her for many years and if I can't get out, just looking at her!

18.10.10 As you can see the boat looks great. She floats nicely on her marks. I can also sit at the back and the exhaust is now clear of the water. Many thanks for sorting this out. You have built me a lovely boat which I hope to enjoy for many years Kind Regards Shaun

CYGNUS GM16 (SOLD) view attached testimonial - Image Gallery

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